Land - Ref # L004    Sale and Lease.

Rent : 10, 20 or 30 year lease
CITY: Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This land is situated in the Sweet herbal Garden's Mae Jo.

Land for Sale and Lease.

Southern Addition Sites.

Leases are being offered for building sites in the Sweet Compound, Southern addition. We are looking for lessees that want to retire in Thailand because of the reduced living expenses, temperate climate and the hospitality of the Thai people. In addition medical facilities are modern with reasonable costs and many well trained doctors available. Our Mornoi-clinic of natural medicine will offer discounts to any permanent residence of Sweet Compound.

Between 10 and 14 sites will be set out and will offer the first six months rent free during the construction period. An initial deposit of $3,000 US is required to be paid along with your signature to start the first lease running. Up to three ten year leases can run consecutively giving a total of 30 years of occupancy.

Assistance with home construction is offered as all buildings on the Sweet Compound were construction with our own labor at a cost of approximately $90.00 US per square meter ($9.00 per sq ft). See pictures on our web site, a two bedroom, two bath single story retirement home can be built for about $8,000 U.S. We can do drawings and necessary permits and assist as needed, having built all our own buildings from the beginning.

Actual costs for each lease are listed below. In order to save administrative costs rent should be paid each year, ½ year or ¼ year.

1st lease 10 years, 120 months at $45 per month, $540 per year for 10 years
2nd lease 10 years, 120 months at $60 per month, $720 per year for 10 years*
3rd lease 10 years, 120 months at $75 per month, $900 per year for 10 years*

*The second and third 10 year leases are not set, but can be renegotiated if the economy or inflation do not remain reasonable.

Each lease includes land taxes, all non-potable water and electric power @5.00THB per KW hour. If any of these costs increase a proration of the increase will be made. If the owner wishes to have their house managed and rented in his absence, we will take only 10% as a fee from the rent received.

Thank you.
Bud and Noi Sweet



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